How You and your Practice will improve

– successful growth and efficiency strategy for managing your business and and patients


Often, the only thing getting in the way of our success is our own minds; a combination of fear of the unknown, negative self-talk and an inability to recognise our true value to the world, leaves us feeling stuck and hopeless. Through this program, we will coach you to change your mindset and challenge your internal narrative. With the help of tried and tested solutions such as Implementing Rock Time, State of the Practice Addresses, and 90-Day Plans, you’ll be enabled to transform your practice and achieve your career objectives.

95% Case Acceptance

The new patient experience is essential for your long-term success – even the most technically skilled dentist in the world won’t retain patients without the right manner or environment. The New Patient Experience shows you how to establish rapport, build trust and achieve extremely high case acceptance. Identify your USP and learn how to deploy your secret weapon so successfully that more patients “say yes” to treatment recommendations.

New Patient Retention

Customer satisfaction is everything. When you have a loyal bank of patients, there’s less pressure to constantly look for new referrals and spend valuable time and money on marketing. We will show you how to convert first-time patients into long-term advocates for your business, giving you more time to focus on the things that really matter.

Strategic Practice growth

Understand the key strategies needed for a lucrative and innovative dental practice with our expert support and guidance. Bill and the team will show you how to stay ahead of industry trends and technological advances, as well as harnessing cost-effective marketing solutions for today’s world. Using proven principles including the Seven Mountains Marketing Strategy, 201 guerrilla marketing tactics, 50 ways to be a $10,000 a day dentist, and web-centric marketing with funnels, fusion partners and MAPS, we’ll show you how to build an enterprise that works for you.

Marketing strategies for new patients

The world is changing, and so are customer expectations. Learn what today’s dentistry patient looks for in a dentist and discover how to use automation, delegation, outsourcing, social media and patient attraction technology to appeal to and manage a steady flow of new patients. Dr. Williams has attracted an average 100+ new patients a month for more than 15 years, and we’ll show you how to achieve similar successes in line with the latest market trends.

Leadership skills

Inspired managers use a combination of the right mindset, organization and skill to get results. When you pair your skills and expertise with our top-notch team, you’ll become an unstoppable force; becoming a fearless, committed leader with a stellar 5M practice.

Bullet-proof profitability

Practices working at full capacity don’t just need the right equipment and facilities to be profitable, but a synchronized mindset too. When teams work well together and share common goals and values, this naturally translates into a happier, more productive working environment. We will show you how to make the most of your physical resources and nurture your team to create a dynamic and cost-effective workplace.

Exceptional Productivity

The right facility, team and mindset leads to exceptional productivity, a steady stream of new patients and high conversion rates. As part of the 5M Mastermind you’ll learn how to harness everything from bricks and mortar to human resources, technology and your own state of mind to build a highly successful practice.

Mentoring to enable you to finish well

The driving force for all dentists is to end our careers on a high note; with a reputation for excellence and high value and a well-planned transition to retirement, that includes a nest-egg that facilitates the lifestyle we desire. The 5M is all about helping dentists grow, prosper, and achieve the levels of success they always dreamed of. Dr. Williams shares the secrets of his success, from how he created and maintained a $5 million+ practice, to sustaining his individual production average of more than $10,000 a day for over 15 years.