Overview of the Program

– tailored to suit your time and financial commitments


Investment into the program developed and implemented by the team at Solstice Dental Advisors comes both in the form of financial and time commitment. Created by dental industry experts with over 155 years of dental practice experience to provide real and tangible change to dental practices, this suite of powerful business development tools will deliver results. Therefore, it is important that participants understand the nature of the process that we implement, to ensure that they are aware of the commitment they are expected to make, making the time for learning alongside the rigours of the day job.

Step 1

Prior to an initial consultation that will identify your targets, you will be assigned with your mentor that will work with you throughout the life-cycle of the business development program.

  • Complete your practice evaluation questionnaire

Step 2

Working with you to devise a program that fits your specific objectives, you will be enrolled on a program of learning that will navigate you through:

  • Strengths and Weakness Evaluations: the ‘Hotseat’
  • Attending & Maximizing the MM weekends
  • Weekly Networking with your Peers
  • Collaborating in the Monthly Group-Training Sessions
  • Liaising with your Mentor
  • Join the 5M Mastermind Private FB & 10K a Day Dentist FB groups

Step 3

You will have time built into your program for you to reflect and practice the techniques and the systems that you are developing with Solstice Dental Advisors. This part of the course is designed to enable you to begin to implement changes with help and advice on hand should you need it.

  • A key element of your training will be the online 5M Masters Academy
  • Team training and discussion is critical to your success
  • This program utilizes 12 guided modules for extensive team discussion
  •  View the Top Gun Conference Videos
  • New Patient Experience Video Explanations by the Experts
  • Implementation guidelines for each module for teams

Step 4

Once you have experienced and completed the full suite of learning methodologies, you will be equipped to begin to make the long-term changes that you and our experts have identified as crucial to your business growth. Ongoing communication is encouraged, enabling you to stay a part of our very special 5M network.

  • Maintain steady progress through the Gold Key List
  • Stay tuned in through the 10K a Day Dentist and 5M Mastermind FB groups
  • Obtain your CERP/AGD Credit for both 5M Mastermind Attendance and Online 5M Mastermind training