What would it be like for you to be fully known, having a team standing with you as you explore your life and business? A team to work one-on-one with you as you dream the foundation to your success, helping you discover how to live and practice purposefully, leveraging your practice for financial power.

This is why we coach – to support you, the dentist, as you navigate the complex world you live in.

We are all leaders. As coaches our role is to increase your ability to lead yourself and others. We will confront the ideas that are stopping you in your tracks. Opportunities will be created for you to change your worldview helping you create the life and practice you dream of.

What would it mean to you to have a place where you are able to be you, to reveal your struggles, to reveal your dreams, all with a trusted team of coaches, championing you and your life?

Great change occurs when you dive into yourself, searching for who you are, creating vision for your life and practice, transforming you from being stuck or lost into a living a life on mission. Often out of fear we run from our greatness.

This is why the One Day Experience is so powerful.


We partner with dentists who find themselves on the search for the next phase in their practice development.

One Day Experience is one full day of coaching exclusively with the Solstice Dental Advisors team. You will meet at a private training facility in the suburbs of Atlanta for one day focusing on leveraging your practice. You will walk away with a clear diagnosis of the constraints your practice is experiencing and a valuable 90 day plan you will execute immediately upon returning home to your practice. You will leave the One Day Experience feeling energized and excited about the possibilities in front of you. The clients we work with know they have much to offer those around them, most don’t know where or how to begin. They’re looking for a way out. They’re ready for change.

What they are looking for is someone they can talk to, someone they can trust, someone to help them create a process to leverage their practice.

The work we do changes lives by connecting dentists to the possibilities, creating long-lasting transformation. We do this through a combination of strategic planning and high performance training.

Dentists we love to work with:

  • Are feeling a bit lost, unsure of how to move forward
  • Are looking for a trusted performance plan, a team who is in their corner
  • Are ready to discover the power of their practice

Our work will be tailored to fit you and your personal goals for your practice. We’ll create a place where you can:

  • Recognize the limitations you’ve placed upon you and your practice
  • Identify your practice strengths and step into your future with power
  • Develop resistance to limiting beliefs
  • Face your team with true clarity
  • Take confident action

You need a champion. A visionary. Someone who sees the greatness in you when you are overwhelmed, when you’re tired, when all you see are the problems and the million others things that are real for you right now, in this very moment.

As coaches we are proud to be invited into your journey. Helping you gain the clarity and focus needed to lead yourself into the magic that is your life, the ability to transform yourself into the man or woman you are destined to be.

What can you expect from Solstice Dental Advisors?
100% confidentiality combined with unwavering support. Our clients have found a one day coaching partnership to be extremely helpful for them, innovating change in new and exciting ways they’ve only dreamed were possible. We bring a level of honest communication that enables deep levels of trust for your new world to unfold.

How great would it be to breakthrough your daily challenges, to establish the power of who you are in the community around you and start making decisions from a place of integrity and a high level of self-awareness?

Solstice Dental Advisors will help you:

  • Create a new vision for your life and practice
  • Discover and identify your core values
  • Launch your personal and practice mission
  • Communicate interactively with the community around you
  • Trust your relationships
  • Find security in your decision making process
  • Empower yourself, your team and your patients
  • Celebrate all life has to offer
  • Direct action towards a lifetime of leadership ultimately defining your legacy

Where and how does coaching take place?
In a private facility in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Meeting 8am – 5pm, with breakfast and lunch included in your day. Please bring yourself and a team member/practice manager or spouse if they are involved in the management of your practice.

When do we meet?
One Day Experiences are scheduled to best fit the needs of each dentist. Typically One Day Coaching Experiences are held weekdays, Monday to Friday.


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