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The latest Thriving Dentist Show is an inspiring interview with my friend Dr. Bill Williams titled; ‘The $10,000 a Day Dentist’.

Rising practice overhead is severely impacting many dental practices today. While there are many reasons why overhead continues to escalate out of control for many Dentists, one important reason why overhead is so high is that many Dentists are not producing enough to offset their fixed expenses.

In this Show Bill and I discuss; The hopeful message of; ‘If it’s been done before, it must be possible’, how Bill has produced an average of over $10,000 per day for every work day in the past 15 years, the five different types of Dentists, the concept of the ‘Servant Dentist’, how to finish well in your career as a Dentist, ‘The Big Five’ categories that will lead you to produce $10,000 per day, how to achieve a great work/life balance and produce $10,000 per day and throughout the interview Bill emphasizes the importance of being highly productive while maintaining an attitude of servitude for your patients!

So much useful information here, please feel welcome to share! Here is a link to listen: http://bit.ly/2yenYiU