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The Beliefs & Actions Course

During this six-module course, you and your team will learn how to take intentional, strategic action towards creating the dental practice and lifestyle you desire. Topics include:

  • Aligning beliefs and actions to achieve success
  • Focusing intentions
  • Changing mindsets
  • Finding clarification
  • Challenging apathy
  • Taking positive action

Podcast Performer

Today’s most successful entrepreneurs understand the intrinsic role between modern technology and global influence. During this four-module course you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a successful podcast that converts to leads
  • Engage with an online audience
  • Come up with topics and content
  • Interview guests
  • Boost your influence in the dental community
  • Forge a reputation as a leader and innovator

EQ Performer

In business, positive relationships are everything. EQ Performer is a 4-module course designed to train you and your team to become emotionally intelligent, high performers who excel in verbal and non-verbal communication. Throughout the program, you will learn how to connect to your patients more effectively than ever before and provide them with the best possible dentistry treatments for their unique needs.

Topics include:

  • Self – awareness
  • Self-management
  • Relationship management
  • Social awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence

Social Growth Factor

This Definitive Guide to Create an Effective Social Media Program is a detailed training course which takes you and your staff from absolute social media beginner to a savvy expert.

Every business needs social media, but no dentist has the time to be a social media director, producer and content creator. The Social Growth Factor is a 4-module online course designed to show you and your team how to generate higher profits, by delegating and automating effective social media strategies for maximum new patient generation. During this program you’ll learn:

  • The essentials of photography and video for social media
  • Seven top social media strategies for dentists
  • Content marketing strategies to suit you
  • The secret of successful delegation and automation
  • Social media success

5M Masters Academy

12 Online Modules, over 15 hours of content moving you from your initial target to measuring specific results. You will receive 12 modules of recorded video webinars, separate downloadable lesson audio, downloadable module implementation worksheet and resources connected to the implementation plan.

In depth NPE Training Sheila Williams, my wife will take you deeper into the NPE from the assistant perspective. Sheila served as my lead dental assistant for decades and was our master trainer helping dental assistants master the art of dental assisting. You’ll learn what it takes to deliver a world class NPE, one that connects a NP to the practice.

In depth with Closing The Case  My treatment coordinator Angie Cain closes cases in the 90th percentile. You will learn from Angie how the NPE sets her up for greater success and how she approaches the art of closing the case, large or small, they all matter and this is why she is successful. Hear first-hand from someone who has managed and coordinated a 5 million dollar practice for more than a decade.

In depth Team Performance  Tyler Williams, my son and founder of Williams Performance Group will take you on a deep dive in emotional intelligence and peak performance. I’d like to take credit for all he knows but I can’t take credit for everything. He has taken what he learned from us as entrepreneurs and coupled it with performance training and emotional intelligence to help individuals and businesses perform at optimal levels. You will learn how to increase engagement and employee retention while having fun together.

Detailed Action Plans  Each module is prepped with detailed action plans enabling you to run with what you’ve learned and take action, creating movement towards your goals. You see the specific 90 day goal spreadsheet I used to grow my business 500k a year, year over year for a decade. You’ll see the NPE script we’ve developed used for over two decades. You’ll see the 200 Guerrilla marketing tactics I implemented that generated over 100 patients a month every month for the past 15 years.

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5M One-Day Experience

Discovering the next phase in successful dental practice development

Our 5M One Day Experience is a full day of coaching which provides you with an exclusive opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise of the Solstice Dental Advisors team. Based at a private training facility in the suburbs of Atlanta, you’ll learn how to leverage the talent and expertise in your practice to achieve your lifelong goals. If you’re looking to change or implement a new strategy but don’t know where to begin, this is your key to a new way of working.

This special experience includes free VIP access to the 5M Online Masters Academy and you’ll walk away with a clear diagnosis of any pain points in your practice and how to take positive, lasting action. You will leave the One Day Experience feeling energized and excited about the possibilities in front of you, equipped with an invaluable 90-day plan to execute immediately on your return to your practice.

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5M Mastermind

The 5M Mastermind with Dr Bill Williams is the ultimate opportunity to transform your dental practice and your life. Wherever you are in your career, whatever is holding you back, this one-of-its-kind mentorship program will provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to exact positive, lasting changes.  This immersive experience will change the way you think, feel and behave, empowering you to live the lifestyle you want and the recognition you deserve.

  1. What’s included:
  • Three two-day live mastermind events
  • Solstice Office Manuals
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • Direct Email Access to Solstice Team Members
  • The entire 5M Masters Academy online programs
  • Practice Analysis
  • Access to the Top Gun Conference Video Set
  • Resource list of vendors
  • All courses, live and online, have been registered with the PACE program of the AGD for CE credits
  1. How to double the value of your practice at retirement
  • The $10,000 A Day Dentist
  • Trust building techniques
  • Psychology of sales
  • Team dynamics: getting the most out of your team
  • Cause dentistry: giving back through missions, charity clinics and free dental days
  • Efficiency techniques to improve profits and lower overhead
  • Key Performance Indicators: what they tell you – ratios, totals, averages
  1. The “Hotseat”

There’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to running a successful business, so our Mastermind program includes an intensive analysis of your individual practice. You’ll walk away with clarity and focus, plus a 90-Day action plan to set you up for success in the next quarter.

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