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The $10K a Day Dentist with Dr. Bill Williams gives a creative approach to helping dentists finish well. Here you’ll discover what’s hot with interviews with the sharpest business minds and those making waves in the dental industry.

We’ll diagnose and treatment plan for radical growth of real dental practices live in our Hot Seat episodes. This podcast is also packed with detailed actionable strategy direct from Dr. Williams’ 5M Masterminds and Online Academy. Whether you are just starting out fresh from dental school, are starting a full-time practice or are pondering retirement, this podcast is for you.

Podcast episodes

The 10K a Day Dentist
The 10K a Day Dentist
011 Dr. Ed Conzatti: Building a Top 2% Practice
by Dr. Bill Williams

In This Episode, Dr. Bill and Dr. Ed Conzatti discuss:

  • The role of the consultant in mentoring young dentists
  • How to reach production goals in any town
  • How to insure you have enough big cases
  • Getting superior conversion ratios in case presentation
  • Top 2% Training for Doctors and Teams

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindset and attitude set the stage for success more than CE and the right equipment
  • Getting patients to like you is the number one goal of a new dentist in order to thrive
  • Solid practices are build on personal referrals via internal marketing
  • The Production Formula is Production = # of exams x average treatment plan value x acceptance %
  • You can double or triple your practice in one to three years

“The dental profession allows dentists to set their own income to whatever level they desire. And face it — there aren’t too many problems that a little more revenue will not solve.”    Dr. Ed Conzatti

Dr. Williams’ next 5M Special Summit Mastermind Opportunity is July 26-27, 2019 for a small, select number of dentists. For more information on this One-Weekend Intensive Workshop email us at bill@solsticedentaladvisors.com  or call 770-614-4249

Connect with Dr. Ed Conzatti:

Email: econza@aol.com

LinkedIn: Dr. Ed Conzatti


Connect with Dr. Bill Williams:

Learn More: How to Become a Redox Dentist

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011 Dr. Ed Conzatti: Building a Top 2% Practice
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002 Jill Raff: The Customer Experience
001 Welcome to the $10K A Day Dentist with Dr. Bill Williams

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